images (1)LED (light emitting diode) is basically a semi conductor light source and has a prominent presence in varieties of lighting solutions available in the market today. In the beginning, LEDs were used as a replacement for neon and incandescent indicator lamps. With the passage of time, these have slowly and steadily taken over all the general lighting needs of the people. Nowadays, LED car bulbs are really popular among the people due to their attractiveness and the host of benefits they can provide to the vehicle and its driver. Rechargeable LED flashlight has brought a revolution in the last few years and are making a significant impact in the automotive sector with their presence. And, with the application of the LED daytime running lights, popularly known as the DRLs, they have created a stir in the market and are crowned as the most coveted add-ons for the cars today. People need attractive features and LED bulbs with the kind of technology they have can attract any person.

There are several things to think about when shopping for the best LED headlamp for running, camping, hiking or backpacking. Lumens, bulbs and weight are the main things people think about, but there are a few lesser known topics and features that hikers and campers tend to forget about. These factors may be what really matters in their choice for a great headlamp light.

First, people are concerned about price. The more features a headlamp has the more expensive usually. The biggest deciding factor is the lumens or lumen rating. The higher the number the more powerful the light. This specification can be deceiving for a number of reasons.

Some things to remember is that even the best headlamp will have restrictions. These are beam distance and battery life. Your lumens only matter as long as it can stay on and if it can shine for as far as you need it to. If not, the LED headlamp from whatever brand will not serve your needs. Yes, it will the bright, but if you’re running and it doesn’t reach and illuminate the running trail or path as you need it to, then you need another headlamp that will. download

This is an example of how some people go wrong by just choosing the highest lumen rating. If the beam distance is not far, then it’s not good for running or hiking. If you’re going to use it on the street and the light doesn’t have a blink feature, then this may be a deal breaker as well. Like any other purchase, you need to figure out your needs before buying.

Although engine powered automobiles were still in their development and prototype stage, they became more than mere curiosities. Consequently, the technological innovations for headlamps also went hand-in-hand with the development of automobiles.

If you’re going to need a static light for a campsite or base camp area, then the brightest light will work without needing to care too much about beam distance. Then, you may be worried about battery life instead. You’ll want to go for the highest level of power economy. Weight may not be as important as this type of light is not going to move too much.

If you are still using a hand held torch for your lighting needs after dark, then you are missing out on a wonderful tool that could help you immensely in any after-dark task. No matter what great quality hand held flashlight you have, it cannot compare to the comfort and convenience of an LED headlamp. Even LED flashlights, while they are comparable in power and quality, are less convenient than the hands-free and hassle-free headlamps.

There is no task too big or too small for an LED headlamp to tackle, from working underneath your car or underneath your house to exploring caves, camping, and even performing rescue work at night when you certainly want both hands to be as free as possible. These lights leave your hands free for other important tasks, and the fact that you are not carrying them makes them almost drop-proof.

LED headlamps are superior to most other kinds of headlamp because of the high quality bulbs that they utilize. These bulbs burn brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, putting out a brighter, whiter light. They also use less power, which means that the LED bulb will go through fewer batteries and work better and longer to give you the light that you need for many, many hours at a time.

Another great feature of LEDs is that they last much longer than incandescent bulbs, so once you get your headlamp going and fresh batteries installed, you can count on hundreds of hours of use time from your bulb. This is far better than worrying about whether your incandescent bulb might survive the next trip since it is almost impossible to carry a spare when you are going to be out in the wild.

A good LED headlamp will have fully adjustable straps to help you get the comfortable fit that you need to feel confident in your light. Your headlamp should fit you well and be able to remain in place no matter what activities you are taking part in, and should be able to utilize the hinged adjuster to put the light in just the right place for you. You will never have to worry about sparing a hand to aim a bulky flashlight again!

You shouldn’t forget that the quality of light that comes from an LED headlamp is far superior as well. The light that comes out of a good headlamp will be bright white, and can be seen in some cases for up to 3,000 yards. Don’t worry too much about blinding your entire party, though. An LED head lamp should also come with a dimmer switch to get your light at just the right level for whatever location and activity you find yourself participating in.

Knowing the type of portable light you need is the first step. Thinking about lumens, bulbs and battery life is important when shopping for these types of lighting devices. If you need a great tool for lighting up an area which leaves your hands free to do other things, an LED headlamp may be just the thing you need.

imagesSimply put, headlamps for running should have a comfortable head strap and cushion for the forehead.They provide you the ability to perform hands free tasks and the luxury of being active and safe while participating in outdoor sports like running the roads or trails late evenings or after dark.

Headlamps worn while running allow you to not only maintain adequate vision but most importantly keep you safe so you will be spotted by other pedestrians, oncoming traffic and other vehicles.

Quick Safety Tips for Running

At what distance can a driver see you?

• Using a headlamp for running is the smartest way to become visible, the white led headlight & motion of the light while running allows a driver to spot you up to ½ mile away.
• At minimum a reflective vest, strobe or blinking light would also identify you as a runner and drivers should see you up to ¼ mile away.
• Bright colored clothing or tops, like yellow green or orange are best. Reflective details on shoes or sleeves can also help drivers spot you up to 150 yards away.
• Always run against the traffic to view and react to oncoming motorist and allow 3 feet between you and an oncoming vehicle.
• Use hand signals, use head lights at night, group run in single files and respect the vehicles right to the road.
• Always carry ID, a cell phone and a list of emergency phone numbers every time you run.

Comparing LED Headlamp Features

The best lamps for running should contain a few key features. The brightest light is not always the best choice or the most useful.
The best overall feature of any lamp would be an adjustable brightest level and a blinking or strobe mode so runners can be seen from long distances.
Most manufacturers rate their lamps by the maximum brightness in lumens.
For example a small led flashlight like a MagLite will produce about 36 lumens.
Manufacturers do however calculate their lamp lumens or lux in various ways to determine the amount of light or beam cast from their particular light.

Headlamps for running should provide a good spot beam that can really light up the road or path far ahead for the runner.

For fast moving sports, the best lamps for running should contain a single bright 1 watt or 100 lumen beam for best overall results.

The beam throw of a 100 lumen lamp is more than adequate for seeing paths & trail markers far off in the distance. While the lower beam level can be used for a less light, wider beam pattern when needed and it will also conserve battery power on the headlight.

Choosing A Good Headlamp

The bottom line is, no headlamp is perfect, depending on the overall design and choice of led lights used in the lamps will determine the distance, strength and beam widths.

The best lamp for running also needs to be lightweight and balanced and the head strap should be comfortable as well as adjustable.A long lasting, water and shock resistant lamp are also good criteria for outdoor weather and harsh running conditions.A good lamp for running also allows you to adjust or tilt the lamp, so you can direct the beam where you want it.One major headlamp distributor studied, tested and compared many headlamps and options.They choose to distribute the a simple but powerful 100 lumen water and shock resistant lamp that’s perfect any outdoor sports.

Led Super Bright Headlamps

Led headlights are some of the brightest in its class. The high power 100 lumen headlamps allow runners to see and be spotted at long distances.A second lighting level on most headlamps is great for short distant vision and saving battery power, while the flashing light features are perfect for running and emergencies.